I hope you like cats doormat
I hope you like cats doormat
I hope you like cats doormat
I hope you like cats doormat
I hope you like cats doormat
I hope you like cats doormat
I hope you like cats doormat

I hope you like cats doormat

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Introducing our charming Coir Doormat with a whimsical message: "I hope you like cats." This delightful addition to your doorstep is designed to extend a warm welcome to guests with a playful feline touch.

Crafted from premium coir fibers, renowned for their durability and superior scraping ability, this doormat serves as your first line of defense against dirt, mud, and debris, all while adding a touch of feline charm to your home. The natural coir material ensures long-lasting performance, capable of withstanding the daily comings and goings of foot traffic and various weather conditions.

Beyond its practical function of maintaining a clean entryway, this doormat offers a friendly and inviting gesture to visitors and passersby alike. The endearing message, "I hope you like cats," sets a lighthearted and welcoming tone right from the doorstep.

Measuring 18x30, this doormat fits seamlessly into most entryways, providing ample space for wiping shoes and paws alike. The non-slip backing ensures stability, keeping the mat securely in place for your safety and that of your guests.

Whether you're a devoted cat lover or simply appreciate the independent and mysterious nature of felines, this Coir Doormat is sure to elicit smiles and warm receptions from all who cross your threshold. Embrace the universal charm of cats with our "I hope you like cats" doormat.

How cute is this doormat!

Each doormat is hand crafted! Which means it's made just for you!


Measurements: 18x30, 24x36 OR 24x48

Brown doormat 

Black rubber backing 


Care Instructions: Made from Coir. Clean by shaking off, to extend the life of this product, keep in a sheltered area and away from water.

Processing time: 3-5 business days (sometimes sooner) If you need your order sooner, please message us. 

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*Please note that on rare occasions, some orders may be delayed an additional 1-2 days due to high volume orders during busy holiday seasons or special promotions. Although this is very rare, this may occur occasionally. 

** Please note, depending on the lighting while the photo is taken and the type of device you're looking at the photo on, the color image may vary. 

*** Please note that the doormats are made with natural fibers that vary in color. No single mat is identical to another. Some are lighter, some are darker and some have markings of both.

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