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Flag Phone Pop

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These phone pops are made to order. We engrave each one! 

Please note the background is a wood like material, therefore the one you receive may be a slightly different color than pictured. 

Since these are engraved to order, the placement may not be the same every single time. Though we will try to be as precise as possible. 

Shipping: Our turnaround is typically 2-4 days give or take. On rare occasions, some orders may be delayed an additional 1-2 days due to high volume orders during busy holiday seasons or special promotions. Although this is very rare, this may occur occasionally. 

Application: Be sure to apply to clean, dry & flat surface.

** Please note, the adhesive backing is very sticky. When removed, it may leave a residue. If this happens, use goo gone to help remove any leftover adhesive. 

Please visit our FAQ section for any other questions you may have and to review our return policy. 

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