Who, me?

Yes YOU!!! You are so cute! The dog.... but whoever is reading this, you're cute too! ;)

We LOVE seeing photos of your doormats! It really makes us so happy! It gives us the motivation to keep going! 

My question is, everyone seems to get GREAT photos of their animals next to their doormat.. HOW?!? Seriously, can you please share your tips? One of my dogs is treat motivated, the other dog could care less and doesn't want to cooperate. Typical, right?? All tips appreciated!

This doormat is the perfect mat to show all your visitors who runs the house and who will be the first to greet you! 

This cute Frenchie is Apollo! You can follow Apollo's adventure by following him on Instagram. @bluefrenchieapollo

If you have a good idea of an animal we should put on a doormat, shoot us a message! We'd love to hear your thoughts! 


Always remember, home is where you Frenchie is!

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